Who we are

We are the people who created a high-tech solution to your problems – a solution that became a life-style staple for many others and gave birth to Gibteeq.

Our story

As nature enthusiasts, the team of Gibteeq’s was prone to spending a lot of time on the road.  On the uneven terrain of our destinations and secluded routes, safety was paramount and we needed our phones charged and to be placed on the dashboard for easy route access and emergency calls.

Despite investing in lots of products, we couldn’t find one affordable and trusty solution for the issue at hand. We ended up researching, creating, innovating, and perfecting our products and raising the bar with them. Our broad range of products is best suited for long trips on the road. Our line of phone chargers and phone holders keep the phones firm on the dashboard, allows easy removal and placement, and the high-power charge keeps it ready-to-use anytime, anywhere.

Gibteeq has come far from its humble origins

Today, we have established our reputation in the phone accessory market as a trustworthy name, and we remain committed to offering convenient and affordable products that elevate the quality of life.

What we do

Gibteeq is a leading innovator and supplier of phone chargers and phone holders. We continually strive to improve and surpass ourselves by creating the best possible solutions to the needs of car owners. Comparatively new to the market, we have garnered attention from around the globe with our automotive phone accessories.

Our strength is in the simplicity and high-usability of our products. Every second of the day, we work towards ensuring that our products are satisfactory and the customers are confident every time they hit the road and drive towards people they love, activities they enjoy, and experiences they cherish.

Wireless Charger

Our Vision

At Gibteeq, we visualize a world where technological innovativeness drives people close to nature, instead of away from it. We create products to provide utmost safety to all those who are away from home and to make their lives easier. Our vision is to offer universal car chargers and phone holders that become people’s best companions on the road.

Our Mission

Since its inception, the Gibteeq’s team has come to work every day, with one mission in mind – to offer satisfactory products unfailingly. We wish to use technology to make our customer’s lives more fulfilling by eradicating the fear of long hours spent on the road.

Our objective is to provide a wide range of highly-innovative and quality products to our clients, to work with a customer-focused mentality, to continually maintain the quality and affordability of our products, and to make sure we remain up-to-date with the latest digital devices in the market.

Car Phone Holder and Charger

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