Multiple-Purpose Wireless Charger


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Running out of battery while you’re on the go is highly upsetting!
With our advanced wireless charger, you’ll never have to worry about charging your phone at a fixed place or time. With this charger, you can do it anywhere. Made of premium-quality ABS and acrylic, this Gibteeq wireless charger comes with the transmission distance of 6mm and the charging efficiency of 73%. It’s sleek and stylish, high-quality, durable, and efficient. What more do you want?

*It’s a wireless charger *It’s a phone holder if using USB input, *It has 2 USB inputs if phone not compatible with wireless; which is very unlikely, because the wireless charges all iPhone, Samsung and Android devices.

Order your Gibteeq OJD-16 wireless charger today!

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Multiple-Purpose Wireless Charger

Multiple-Purpose Wireless Charger